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Sigma SI-V2 Security Barrier

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  • 90W Turbine Worm Transmission Deceleration Induction Motor: Energy-efficient motor with a built-in fan to prevent overheating, allowing continuous 24-hour operation without stopping. Provides a steady drive and lower noise.
  • Compact Structure: Space-saving design with self-locking capability.
  • Dual Springs: Equipped with two springs for added durability, reducing the risk of spring breakage.
  • Integrative Machine Core: All parts are precision-molded, ensuring accuracy and stability in operation, resulting in a more stable barrier gate.
  • Accurate Link Mechanism: The link mechanism minimizes arm shake and reduces motor load, contributing to smoother operation and an extended lifespan for the barrier gate.

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Maximum Straight Boom Length:

  • 2s Type: 3 meters
  • 3s Type: 4.5 meters
  • 6s Type: 6 meters

Opening and Closing Times (2s/3s/6s)

Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50HZ

Motor Power Consumption: 90W

Working Temperature: -30°C to 80°C

Housing Dimensions: 355mm (Width) * 249mm (Depth) * 1035mm (Height)

Weight (Not Including Barrier Boom): 50kg

Drive: Torque Motor

Maximum Remote Control Distance: ≤40 meters

Type | Opening and Closing Times | Maximum Boom Length:

Straight Boom:

  • 2s: 3m
  • 3s: 4.5m
  • 6s: 6m

Folding Boom:

  • 3s: 4m
  • 6s: 6m

Retractable Straight Boom, Easy for Transportation (Optional):

  • A = Master Boom, B = Slave Boom
  • B should be less than or equal to A
  • Part B can be contracted inside part A. This boom design is for easy transportation. For instance, a 6m straight boom can be made as 4m+2m or 3m+3m.


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