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Hitachi Pocket IH-210 2+1 Dual CIS Sensor Counting Machine

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These are different configurations or versions of the ST-150 counting machine:

  1. ST-150: Basic type
  2. ST-150F: Basic type with Fitness sorters
  3. ST-150N: Basic type
  4. ST-150NF: Basic type with Fitness sorters

Each version may have specific features or capabilities tailored to different counting and sorting needs.

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Hitachi Pocket IH-210 2+1 Dual CIS Sensor Counting Machine

The Hitachi IH-210 is a highly advanced counting machine equipped with 21 pocket dual CIS sensors, designed for counting and handling various currencies. With the capability to process 32 different currencies and an impressive counting speed of 1,300 notes per minute (NPM), this machine is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses and financial institutions.

The dual CIS (Contact Image Sensor) sensors ensure accurate and reliable counting by scanning both sides of each banknote. This technology helps detect counterfeit or damaged notes, ensuring that your cash handling process is secure and error-free.

The Hitachi IH-210 is a versatile counting machine suitable for a wide range of currencies, making it a valuable tool for businesses that deal with international transactions. Its high-speed counting capability allows for efficient cash processing, saving you time and effort.

In summary, the Hitachi IH-210 21 Pocket Dual CIS Sensors Counting Machine offers precision, versatility, and speed, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require efficient and accurate currency counting.


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