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Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

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Our powerful, rugged, and dependable handheld satellite phone provides a crucial communication link when you’re in areas beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, regardless of how remote or challenging the environment may be.

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The new IsatPhone 2 satellite phone is meticulously designed to perform flawlessly in all weather conditions. Whether you’re facing rain storms, dust storms, searing heat, sub-zero cold, tropical humidity, or freezing fog, the IsatPhone 2 ensures excellent voice, SMS, and GPS services with guaranteed reliability.

Remarkably, Inmarsat has developed a battery for the IsatPhone 2 that outlasts all other satellite phones on the market. With its new features, the IsatPhone 2 becomes the most sought-after satellite phone device available at the most affordable price.

The Inmarsat system of global communication satellites is renowned for providing crystal-clear voice calls, and the new IsatPhone 2 satellite phone is no exception. For decades, emergency responders, distinguished journalists, military and government agencies have placed their trust in Inmarsat, making IsatPhone the number 1 choice for clear and reliable voice calling from anywhere on the globe. offers exclusive IsatPhone 2 service plans with attractive pricing packages and airtime options.


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