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PC-580RVU Ceiling Mount-Speaker (UL1480UUMW Rated)

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Product Information

PC-580RVU Ceiling Mount-Speaker is a ceiling speaker that is designed to be both cost-effective and high-performing. It can be used for a range of applications, such as Mass Notification Systems, Voice Evacuation, Emergency Paging, and Paging and Background Music requirements. This speaker is compliant with UL 2572 (ULC S541, UL 1480 UUMW) standards for Fire Alarm Signaling, as well as UL 2043 standards for use in air handling spaces, provided it is used with the HY-BC580U Back Can.

Similarly, the PC-580RU and PC-580RVU speakers are designed to meet the requirement for a ceiling speaker that is both affordable and high-performing. They are ideal for use in paging and notification applications and can be used to upgrade or replace existing speakers in large buildings without the need to modify existing ceiling cutouts, thanks to the standardized speaker template. Additionally, when used with the HY-BC580U Back Can, both speakers meet the UL standards for emergency signaling and notification applications.

PC-580RVU Ceiling Mount-Speaker Details

Rated Input:   10W (speaker) and 5W (transformer, 70.7 V line, and 25 V line)
Rated Impedance: The rated impedance for the 70.7 V line is 20 K (0.25 W), 10K (0.5W), 5K (1 W), 2.5 K (2 W), 1 K (5 W) Ohms.
 Sensitivity:  Its sensitivity is 97 dB (1 W, 1 m).
frequency response ranges the frequency response ranges from 50 to 16.5 KHz.
 Speaker Component The speaker component of the PC-580RVU is a 200mm (8”) dual cone type
 Magnet Size:  with a magnet size of Dia 80 (3.15”) x dia. 32 (1.26”) x 12 (0.47”) mm
 Magnet Weight:  Magnetic weight of 272g (10 oz).
 Flux Density: The flux density of the magnet is 11,900 gauss
Potentiometer: The potentiometer is of the screw-driver adjust type, with wire-wound resistance of 50 ohms.
Dimensions of Fixing Hole: The dimensions of the fixing hole are Dia. 203.2 mm (8.00”)
 Finish The finish of the baffle is made of steel plate in white, while the grille: is made of surface-treated steel plate net, also in white.
Dimensions The speaker measures Dia. 324 x 98.8 (d) mm.
Weight: The weight is  1.52 kg (3.35 lbs).
Accessory: The PC-580RVU speaker comes with a mounting screw (M 5 x 38 mm) x 4 and a speaker pass-through terminal strip.
UL Standards It meets the UL standards ULC S541, UL 1480 UUMW, and UL 2043 when used with HY-BC580U.
Option:PC-580RVU Ceiling Mount-Speaker optional back can, HY-BC580U, is available for UL/ULC certified installation, as well as a tile bridge and mounting channel, Q-HY-TB2.



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