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The MTR3000 is a MOTOTRBO™ integrated voice and data station/repeater designed to cater to the needs of small public safety, utility, and professional organizations.

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For improved safety and efficiency across your organization, you require reliable voice and data communications that connect everyone and everything seamlessly. The MOTOTRBO SLR 8000 Repeater offers high-performance, dependable two-way radio service that’s optimized for your workplace. Its compact design and exceptional reliability make it a cost-effective solution. Additionally, it represents a significant advancement in repeater technology.

MOTOTRBO is a versatile and powerful system that combines the best features of two-way radios with the latest digital technology. It seamlessly integrates voice and data, provides user-friendly advanced features, and offers increased capacity to meet communication needs, whether on the field or the factory floor.

Whether you need the simplicity of a single-site conventional system or the robust trunking capabilities of Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, or Connect Plus, the SLR 8000 brings the capabilities of digital two-way radio to your workforce.

Key Features: Next-generation MOTOTRBO Repeater

The SLR 8000 represents a substantial leap forward in design and technology. Drawing from extensive field experience and customer feedback, this product delivers outstanding performance and reliability for your business’s two-way radio system. Its efficient modular design and flexible installation options truly make it the next generation of repeaters.

High Reliability

The SLR 8000 ensures round-the-clock reliable operation, even when operating at its continuous full transmit power of 100W. Its high-quality design has undergone rigorous validation through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) program, meeting stringent quality standards. With a next-generation receiver design featuring high sensitivity and improved noise blocking, you can trust it to deliver clear voice quality, even in challenging conditions.

High Performance

Boasting a 100W transmitter output and high-sensitivity receiver input, the SLR 8000 provides radio coverage over a vast area. Its efficient modular design requires only 2U of rack space and has low power consumption, resulting in a cost-effective ownership experience. The SLR 8000 supports the complete MOTOTRBO feature set and is compatible with all MOTOTRBO system architectures. The IP interface allows you to build applications and consoles directly on your system.

Total Flexibility

The SLR 8000 can be tailored to your specific operation. Options include an internal preselector amplifier and antenna relay module for a true one-box installation. You can also choose an internal wireline card if you require tone control capabilities, four-wire audio, and additional external inputs.


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