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Casio CASH REGISTER-SEC450 Point Of Sale

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The Sam4s NR520 (NR520F) is the latest addition to the Sam4s Cash Register line. The NR520F features flat keyboards and is well-suited for businesses in the hospitality industry, such as cafes or bars.

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The Sam4s NR-512F Cash Register is an excellent choice for bars, cafés, fast-food restaurants, and supermarkets or general merchants with its barcode scanning capabilities.

NR-510F Wireless Keyboard:

  • 76 programmable PLU and function keys suitable for various hospitality operations.
  • Ideal for fast-food outlets, cafés, restaurants, fine dining, pubs, and nightclubs.

Operator Display:

  • 8-line blue backlit graphic LCD for user-friendly transaction information.
  • Provides menu-driven programming information for maintaining product files.

Customer Display:

  • 2-line x 16 character LCD to display transaction information.
  • Display can be rotated to face the customer.

Overlapping Cashiers & Table Management:

  • Itemized invoices for restaurant tables.
  • Multiple cashiers can process transactions simultaneously using the Interrupt & Overlap function.

SD Secure Port:

  • SD Card Utilities for program saving/loading, report capture, firmware upgrades, and graphic uploading.

Communication Interfaces:

  • Two serial ports, one type A, and one type B USB port for connecting various devices such as kitchen printers, barcode scanners, computers, scales, and remote pole displays.

Features and Advantages CASH REGISTER-SEC450:

  • Supports 6,000 PLUs.
  • Up to 99 group totals and clerks/cashiers.
  • Quick Help Display Function in ‘REG’ Mode.
  • Bitmap graphic logo with 20 pre-loaded images.
  • Condensed Journal Printing to save paper.
  • Automatic tax computation for up to four rates or tables.
  • Media keys for cash, check, and charge transactions.
  • Cash declaration required with check function.
  • PLU creation in Reg Mode with PLU Not Found.
  • Training mode and sale function cancellation.
  • Transaction void due to mode lock.
  • Display of the clerk’s name.
  • Barcodes with price.
  • Four automatic currency conversion keys.
  • Single Station Thermal Printer that is fast and silent.


  • 400mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 265mm (h)

This item includes a 12-month return-to-base warranty.

If you require programming for your cash register, select “yes” in the programming option on the right side of this page, and our service staff will fully configure your cash register before shipping it. Programming includes Receipt Message, PLUs (Items)/Departments, Key Button/Keyboard Design, GST Programming, and Graphic Logo (if compatible). The cost of programming varies based on the cash register model you choose. You can email us your menu, or we will contact you to discuss the required programming details.


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