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Cassida Neo-Efficient Cash/Bill Counter for retail

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The Cassida Neo is a powerful 2-Pocket multi-currency counter and sorter designed for high-performance cash sorting and reliable counterfeit detection. It utilizes multiple security features, including UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic), IR (Infrared), and 2 CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technologies, to ensure accurate and secure processing of banknotes.

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The Neo-Efficient Bill Counter for retail offers efficient cash handling capabilities with features designed to meet the needs of retail businesses. It supports up to 12 different currencies, including AED, USD, GBP, EUR, and INR, making it versatile for various international retail settings.

Key Features:

  • Sorting by denominations, issue, face, and orientations for precise cash organization.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art dual CIS (Contact Image Sensor) detection technology to scan the entire surface of banknotes for authenticity.
  • Automatic currency recognition for seamless processing.
  • Banknote size detection to ensure accurate counting.
  • Detailed information display for rejected bill counts, providing transparency in the counting process.


  • Grade: Banks
  • Bill Loading Style: Top Loaders
  • Counting/Sorting Speeds: 1000 (Mixed mode) / 1500 (Count mode) Bills per Minute
  • Capacity (Hopper/Stacker/Reject): 500-1001/200/200 Bills
  • Operational Modes: Mix, Sort, Count, Faces, Orientations, Semi-fitness sorting
  • Counterfeit Detection Methods: UV, MG, IR, Dual CIS
  • Currency Ranges (basic versions): Up to 12 currencies
  • Display Type: LCD Touchscreens
  • Dimensions (WHD): 280270320 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

The Neo-Efficient Bill Counter is designed to streamline cash handling processes in retail environments, providing accuracy, efficiency, and counterfeit detection for improved financial operations.


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