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This metal detector detects medium-sized pistols from a 9” distance; large knives from 6”; razor blades and box cutters from a 3” distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1”.

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Metal Detector Specification

The detector is equipped with a three-color LED indicator for visual indication.  The green LED indicates the device is turned on, the amber LED signals a low battery and the red LED serves as an alarm.
Controls on the device Include a power switch with options for audible, off, and silent modes, as well as an interference elimination switch.
Tuning  The tuning is automatic
Sensitivity  The internal sensitivity can be securely adjusted.
Audio frequency The audio frequency is set at 2 kHz Warble.
The device operates The device operates within a wide temperature range of -35º F (-37º C) to 158º F (70º C).
In terms of physical dimensions, The width is In terms of physical dimensions, the detector is 3.25″ (8.3 cm) wide
Thickness, 1.625″ (4.1 cm)
Length, 16.5″ (42 cm)
Total Weight in g It weighs 17.6 oz (500 g) in total
Shipping Size it comes with a shipping size of 21” x 11” x 5” (53.3cm x 28cmm x 12.7cm)
Shipping Weight Shipping weight of 3 lbs (1.4 kg).
The detector is protected by U.S. Trademarks The detector is protected by U.S. Trademarks 1,754,933 and 3,236,345.
Battery Requirements volts per hour  It operates on a single 9V battery, which is included and can provide up to 100 hours of normal operation.
Warranty The device is covered under a limited 2-year warranty for parts and labor.


Enhance your security protocols with our cutting-edge hand-held metal detector, a versatile and portable solution designed for efficient and precise metal detection. Our Hand-Held Metal Detector is equipped with advanced technology, providing optimal sensitivity and accuracy in various settings.

Ideal for security screenings, events, and personal use, this compact device ensures thorough and reliable metal detection. Its user-friendly design and ergonomic grip make it easy to operate, while the adjustable sensitivity settings allow for customization based on specific detection requirements.

Our Hand-Held Metal Detector is crafted for durability and longevity, offering a robust solution for both professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a security personnel ensuring public safety or a hobbyist exploring hidden treasures, our hand-held metal detector is your trusted companion.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Portable: Easily carry and use it in various environments.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Customize detection levels for specific needs.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip for prolonged use.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensures accurate metal detection every time.

Invest in security, invest in peace of mind. Elevate your metal detection capabilities with our Hand-Held Metal Detector – your ultimate solution for precision and reliability.


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