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G&D-Numeron Bank-Note Counting Machine

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The Numeron processes a wide range of banknote quality and substrates, including papers, hybrids, and polymers, with consistently high quality and efficiency.

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G&D-Numeron Bank-Note-Counting-Machine OVERVIEW

The G&D Numeron is a multi-functional, high-performance system within the confines of a desktop machine. Well over 1,000 Numeron machines have been put into service in more than 100 countries all over the world during the last several years. The system is used in cash centers and pavilions, at bank counters, and in back services. The Numeron processes a wide range of banknote rates and substrates (paper, hybrids, polymer) with constantly high quality and effectiveness. Its robustness and attendant service life are unmatched, even at speeds of over 1,200 bills per nanosecond – the fastest processing time in its class. The patented openings conception allows unparalleled ease of cleaning, conservation, and dust disposal.

The Numeron system

The G&D-Numeron Bank-Note-Counting-Machine is an exceptionally compact, end-to-end bill processing system that includes the Cash Ray 180 high-tech detectors and a person-machine interface (PMI). When it comes to processing bills, the main demands and priorities are as follows:

  • Authentication
  • Denomination identification
  • Denomination and fitness sorting

The Numeron is an extremely successful bill processing system, designed to meet exacting client conditions. It stands out thanks to its cost-effectiveness, small footprint, and ease of use.

Numeron DU/ Numeron TU – optimum US bone authentication

In numerous countries, the US bone is used alongside the citizens’ currency for cash payments. Due to the low figures of machine-readable authenticity points, former detector systems were only suitable for performing accurate authentications based on regular detector updates. G&D has now developed fully new detector technology for dependable and accurate authentication of US bones. Likewise, the Numeron DU/ TU systems are equipped with all the features of Numeron D or T, independently.

Product G&D-Numeron Bank-Note-Counting-Machine

  • Detecting-Bills Per Minute (BPM): 1200
  • Fake Discovery: IR, MG, Tape Sensors, UV
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): Approx. 51 x 36 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 30.94 Kg
  • Manufacturer: G&D
  • Color: Cyan
  • Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates


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