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Walk Through Security Sigma Si-2033Z High Sensitivity Metal Detector Gate

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Elevate security with SI-2033Z Metal Detector. Certified, optional battery backup, 33 zones, overall detection tech, and user-friendly touch screen. The pinnacle of precision screening.

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Specifications of Walk-Through Metal Detector Si-2033z

  • External Power Supply: AC110-240V±20%,50/60Hz.
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC.
  • Battery Pack (optional): 6-10 hour backup available.
  • Working Temp.:-20° C +60 С.
  • Power consumption: 20w10%
  • Statistics: Record the pass and alarm numbers
  • Zone Indications: 33 independent zones
  • Overall Detection technology: Overall detection technology, no blind spot.
  • automatically boot self-checking.
  • Touch screen digital display.
  • Quick setting for different application occasions.


Multi-brand Compatibility

Can be added to existing security checkpoints without having to replace other existing units. Includes multiple channels and 100 selectable operating frequencies

Health Care

The detector is harmless for cardiac pacemaker wearers magnetic media pregnant women etc.

International Security Standards

Si-2033z meets the world’s standard certifications

Applications of Si-2024 Metal Detector

  • Airports
  • Transportation hubs
  • Government buildings
  • Public events
  • Correctional facilities
  • Entertainment venues
  • Critical infrastructure sites

Benefits and Advantages of the SI-2033Z Walk-Through Metal Detector:

Reliable Power Supply: External Power Supply: AC110-240V±20%, 50/60Hz, ensuring a stable power source for continuous operation.

Certified Compliance: Holds CE, ROHS, and FCC certifications, guaranteeing adherence to international quality and safety standards.

Optional Battery Backup: Optional 6-10 hour backup battery pack for continuous operation, providing flexibility in power sources.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: Si-2033z works seamlessly in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C, suitable for diverse environmental conditions.

Efficient Power Consumption: Power consumption of 20w±10%, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Comprehensive Statistics: This walk-through metal detector records pass and alarm numbers, facilitating post-event analysis and enhancing security management.

Advanced Zone Indications: Equipped with 33 independent detection zones, ensuring precise and thorough screening.

Overall Detection Technology: Utilizes overall detection technology, eliminating blind spots and enhancing the overall accuracy of metal detection.

Automatic Self-Checking: Automatically boots with a self-checking function, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

User-Friendly Touch Screen Display: Features a touch screen digital display for intuitive and user-friendly operation.

Quick Setting Options: Si-2033z allows quick setting adjustments for different application occasions, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

The SI2033Z Walk-Through Metal Detector offers a comprehensive set of features, from advanced detection technology to user-friendly touchscreen controls, making it an ideal choice for diverse security needs.



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