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TWAYRDIO KNB-15 KNB-14 Two Way Radio 6 AA Battery Case Shel

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The 7.2V/7.4V Li-ion Ni-Cd Ni-MH brand new replaceable and rechargeable walkie talkie battery is designed for Kenwood radios such as TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-278, and others. This battery comes in various capacity options ranging from 900mAh to 2100mAh, providing you with choices based on your specific needs. It is a cost-effective solution and can replace the KNB 15 battery and other compatible models.

Product Origin: Quanzhou, Fujian, China Brand: QYT Item NO.: KNB-14 Shipping Port: Xiamen, Shenzhen Color: Black Lead Time: 7-9 days (for orders less than 1000pcs)

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The 6 x AA Battery case is designed for Kenwood radios and can hold 6 AA Ni-Cd batteries, providing a convenient and portable power source for your handheld radio. This battery case is particularly useful when you are in a location where there is no access to a charging device. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and serves as a critical backup when your original battery runs out of power.


  • Compatible with Kenwood TK-260, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G, TK-272, TK-272G, TK-278, TK-278G, TK-360, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372, TK-372G, TK-373, TK-378, TK-378G, TK-388, TK-388G, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2107, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-3102, TK-3107 handheld two-way radios.

100% Brand New, Package includes: 1* 6xAA KNB-14 Battery Case (Battery cells are not included). This battery case ensures you have a reliable power backup for your Kenwood radio, helping you stay connected during your communications.


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