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Datalogic Quick Scan I QM2131 Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Datalogic QuickScan QM2131 Linear Barcode Scanner: Meeting Industry Demands

In today’s dynamic landscape, the prevalence of 2D barcode scanners is on the rise due to their capacity to handle a diverse range of data, including pricing, quantity, addresses, and even images. Despite this trend, linear barcode scanners like the QM2131 remain indispensable in the automatic data capture industry. Long barcodes with tiny text are frequently used in utility bills, document processing, and packaging, presenting a challenge for full area imagers. The QuickScan QM2131 offers a tailored solution to address this need.

Enhanced Performance for Specialized Applications

The QM2131 stands out with its extra-wide field of view imager and an enhanced wide-angle scan line. This combination simplifies the traditionally complex process of scanning barcodes with small text. The ultra-sharp and highly visible scan line, coupled with an improved field of view, enhances user-friendliness, enabling easy reading of barcodes from an intuitive distance.

Cordless Features with STAR 2.0 Cordless System

Equipped with Datalogic’s cutting-edge STAR 2.0 Cordless System, designed for narrow band 433 MHz radio communications, the QM2131 ensures secure radio communications without interference from nearby Wi-Fi signals. It demonstrates high resilience to common obstacles encountered by barcode scanners in environments with concrete, wood, or metal shelving, making it an ideal tool for diverse production environments.

Efficient Battery Management and MicroUSB Port

The QM2131 comes with an innovative, long-lasting, and easily replaceable 1400mAh battery, providing the flexibility to change the critical component swiftly. The inclusion of a microUSB port at the device’s base allows for convenient mobile charging on the go using a portable battery pack, as well as seamless data transfer to or from a laptop or PC.

In summary, the Datalogic QuickScan QM2131 combines enhanced performance tailored for specialized applications with cordless features and efficient battery management, making it a reliable solution for the evolving demands of the automatic data capture industry.

More Information

  • Weight: 0.190 kg
  • Supported Barcodes: 1D, Stacked Codes
  • Cable Options: IBM USB, KBW, RS-232, USB
  • Device Colour: Black or White
  • Drop Resistance (Concrete): 1.5 meters
  • Environment: Office, Retail
  • IP Rating: 41
  • Scan Distance: 10 mm – 700 mm
  • Scan Engine: Imager
  • Size (W x D x H): 163 x 91 x 41 mm


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